Children’s Advocacy Center

Have you ever heard of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD? Most folks know soldiers develop PTSD, but many don’t know PTSD is also a consequence of child abuse. Much like the war veteran who hears a car backfire and is taken back to the battlefield, child victims experience triggers in everyday life that force them to relive the horror of abuse.

PTSD is just one of the devastating consequences of abuse. Others include lifelong struggles with depression, anxiety and substance abuse; teen pregnancy; and even chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke. Now for the good news! With proper intervention and treatment, abused children can lead happy, healthy lives. Since 1996, Children’s Advocacy Center (“CAC”) has been helping abused children heal and be heard in the legal system.

When law enforcement or DSS receives a report of abuse, they refer the child to CAC. First, one of our licensed therapists performs a child-friendly, non-leading interview to determine what happened. The interview is recorded and can often be used in court instead of the child having to testify. Our child abuse pediatrician also performs medical exams to look for signs of abuse and diagnose related medical problems. CAC then brings local agencies together in a multi-disciplinary team to effectively respond. The team includes solicitors, law enforcement, DSS, medical personnel, and SAFE Homes Rape Crisis Coalition. After the investigation, our therapists provide therapy to help children learn coping skills and work through the trauma of abuse. With the right tools and support, children are resilient!

Finally, our new prevention initiatives aim to stop abuse before it starts. We are teaching adults the signs of abuse and empowering children with knowledge about safe and unsafe touching. Our community can come together to stop abuse in its tracks, but we need your help. Volunteer or donate today!

Children’s Advocacy Center
Phone: 864-515-9922
Website: www.cacsp.org
Email: suzy@cacsp.org


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