Camp Nana Papa™

Camp Nana Papa™ is the first dedicated brand to use social media and e-commerce to help connect grandparents and grandchildren around the world, and its new headquarters is based in downtown Spartanburg.

Camp Nana Papa™ launched its web-based eco-system designed to strengthen and celebrate the grandparent-grandchild relationship this past June. The new web destination, www.campnanapapa.com, allows grands to: shop, share, and celebrate everything relating to being a grand. The primary goal of Camp Nana Papa™ is to help families “Make Grand Memories.” The grandparent-grandchild relationship is one of the most unique and treasured life experiences.

Spartanburg natives Cameron Todd and Donnie Cranfill are co-leaders of the company, with Todd serving as chief operating officer and Cranfill as chief vision officer. They are joined by two full-time employees. In addition, they have three board members - Andrew Babb, John Bauknight and Caleb Fort.

There are approximately 80 million grandparents in the United States, and they are spending $52 billion dollars a year on their grandchildren alone. Collectively, they possess the greatest net worth of any demographic purchasing sector. Prior to the launch of Camp Nana Papa™, grands have been one of the most overlooked demographic groups in commerce, and Camp Nana Papa™ is committed to changing the paradigm.

Baby boomers are now becoming grandparents; they are more active, living longer, and more technologically engaged than ever before. Each year in the United States, 1.7 million new grandparents are added to the marketplace. The average new grandparent spends in excess of $1,800 during the first year of a grandchild’s birth, and the spending continues as the child grows. Camp Nana Papa™ is the destination to meet grandparents’ shopping needs and provide social media interactions all in one digital hub.

Camp Nana Papa™ consists of a robust e-commerce site featuring gifts, books, toys, games, apparel, and more. Camp Nana Papa™ also has a children’s book series, “The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa™,” that focuses on Nick and Sarah, two children who enjoy activities with their grandparents and Flash the Firefly, their friend.

In addition, Camp Nana Papa™ integrates and moderates a growing social media hub. All major social media channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter) are being used by Camp Nana Papa™ in connecting grands worldwide.

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