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Lockbox Services

Imagine a system where your payments are deposited to your account and a record is delivered daily, all without a trip to the mailbox or bank. We’re thrilled to provide that for your business.

How does Lockbox Service work?

Step 1: Remittances to your company are mailed directly to a post office box owned by the bank.
Step 2: We handle the remittance for you – from pick-up to making the deposit into your company’s account.
Step 3: On a daily basis, we electronically provide the necessary information for you to update your accounts receivable records.

It’s the next level of efficiency and operational savings.

Lockbox Benefits

  • Accelerate cash flow and availability
  • Cut down on staff accounting and processing equipment
  • Use high quality reports and images produced for your records
  • Access customized reporting and posting files

Lockbox Services

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