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Carolina Alliance joins the Park National Family of Community Banks

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Lost or Stolen Card

Take action if your financial information has been exposed.

We’ll help you get through this and back to your daily routine. If your credit card or debit card has been stolen, or even just misplaced, contact us immediately so we can help keep you protected. Reporting this quickly allows us to do things like cancel the missing card or set a new PIN of your choosing.

Report Lost or Stolen Card During Bank Hours

If the bank is currently open, contact Customer Service at 844-289-0050 or call your local banking office.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card Outside Bank Hours

If your card has been lost or stolen outside of bank hours, call one of the numbers below.

Dispute a Transaction

To dispute a transaction on your Visa debit card outside of bank hours, please call 844-596-1147.

Change a PIN

To change your PIN (or activate your Visa debit card), please call 800-992-3808.