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A savings incentive match plan for employees IRA gets an acronym that describes it pretty well: SIMPLE. You can contribute to an individual tax-deferred retirement plan either for yourself or your employees. Match employee contributions up to 3% of their salary and take tax-deductions for your company’s contributions.

We can help you set up and administer individual tax-deferred retirement plans and effectively navigate through business or work status changes, without jeopardizing growth potential or tax-deferred status. Using a SIMPLE IRA can be a great way to help set yourself or your employees up for retirement.

We’re here for you and your employees.

In person, we’ll set up the accounts, do any necessary training with your HR staff, and provide educational materials. We’ll talk to employees about their plans, how they work, and they’ll gain a greater understanding of how much you, as an employer, contribute to their retirement plan.

At regular meetings, whenever you choose, we can inform new employees about the plan and make sure everyone learns about changes or updates.